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There are two main types: from a distance, both look like quite the same and both convert sunlight into energy, but in two different ways. The terms for the two types are solar thermal collector and photovoltaic modules.
1. Solar thermal collector: This type takes the solar energy in the form of heat and uses it to heat air or water.
Photovoltaic solar power is being used increasingly with great success, and while it is true that cloud cover can affect it, the cloudy country of Germany leads the world in successful use of solar power.
The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines "photovoltaic" this way: "of, relating to, or utilizing the generation of a voltage when radiant energy falls on the boundary between dissimilar substances."
When minimal energy is needed, such as that necessary to power a small appliance, a single small photovoltaic solar panel is sufficient, like those used to power electronic calculators. When more power is needed, an "array" of solar panels is created by connecting panels to one another. Normally the power produced is connected to a charge controller and stored in a battery bank. Most of the times as the stored power is used to move domestic appliances using AC, the solar panel array will be connected to an electrical inverter.
How Electricity is Produced?
In simpler terms, "photo" refers to sunlight and "voltaic" refers to electrical energy. Photovoltaic panels convert sunlight into electrical energy. Sunlight flows into the solar cells. Electrical energy flows out of the solar cells.
Conventional silicon solar cell convert about 14 to 17 percent of sunlight into usable electricity. That isn't much. Late in 2006, however, a new amorphous silicon solar cell was introduced. Solar panels that utilize the new cell can convert into electricity 22 percent of the sunlight they collect. Theoretically, the maximum that the cells of a solar panel can convert is said to be around 26 to 27 percent of incoming sunlight.
Solar power is different from other types of energy. Of the two main categories of solar power, active and passive, Photovoltaic solar power is active. Let's look at it.

For the environmentally minded, then, the Uni-Solar Portable Solar Electric Light Panels are a good alternative to traditional laptop chargers. And versatile as they are, they can be used for other appliances too.
Perhaps best of all, though, you can tell you friends that you own a piece of military equipment.
The chargers come in several models. At the cheapest end of the range is the 'UNI-PAC 10', which offers dual voltage charging for 12 and 24V. It can be folded down to a size of 254mm in length and 139mm in width, with a depth of 51 mm.
Indeed, the UNI-PAC officials know that there are other markets out there:
Yet more piece of mind.
"Solar modules for remote applications must be tough, lightweight and easy to transport. UNI-SOLAR UNI-PACs are designed for the challenge of the field. They provide power even with bullet holes or in partial shade. The UNI-PAC can be dropped, stepped on, packed and re-deployed, and will continue to operate."
"Field-proven as dependable and easy to use for military units, trekkers, climbers and professional photographers depend on the UNI-PAC for field communications, emergency power and battery maintenance."
They were originally designed to meet military requirements, and to be used in the field, so a hardy piece of equipment is all but guaranteed. As their website details:
Even if there was a freak malfunction - having withstood an attack from masked gunmen as you threw your charger down the stairs at the airport playing rugby - then the company grants five year warranty.

?Fuel Costs
?Regulator: Unit Cost X rated standard regulator to be installed ($ / A).
Against this, photovoltaic systems:
?Cost of assembly, installation, transportation, implementation, etc.
A special case is the batteries, which are the element that require more attention: there are still no-maintenance batteries, consider that the battery must be replaced every few years depending on the type used.
?Operation and maintenance costs
In some cases, the initial investment is amortized only by the fact that the cost to electrify the area is higher than installing a solar PV system.
In an installation, a classification of costs will include:
In many cases, a photovoltaic system provides a cost per kWh produced substantially higher than the cost of kWh purchased from the grid. Therefore, the cost of installing a PV system depends heavily on grants and incentives by the government. Currently the cost of kWh in isolated facilities may vary between 4 and 8 times the price of energy from the distribution networks.


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